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Defined by its rugged shorelines, coastal vegetation, heritage fishing villages and unpretentious lifestyle, the West Coast still holds an element of the wild unknown. With a tangibly strong culture of fisher-folk who have been the guardians of the land that supports them, their quaint small wooden fishing boats and simple lives on the sea, are qualities that draw visitors from across the globe. Loved by many, the dramatic coastline, changeable seas, white sandy beaches and cerulean blue skies creep under your skin and seep into your soul.  Perhaps the most beautiful of all the quaint villages is Langebaan, with its natural wonders, blue lagoon and azure skies..

Travel times may vary
Destination Distance from Town Centre
Distance from Town Centre
Cape Town International Airport 137 km 83 miles ± 1 hour 30 min
Langebaan Lagoon 200 m 218 yard  
Convenience stores 200 m 218 yard  
Boat Launching site 300 m 328 yard
Langebaan Yacht Club 1,4 km 1 mile  
The Farmhouse Hotel 1.4 km 1 mile  
Shark Bay (famous kitesurfing spot) 1.9 km 1,1 miles  
West Coast National Park 2,5 km 1,5 miles  
Langebaan Golf Course 4,4 km 2,7 miles  
Mykonos Casino 7,5 km 4,6 miles  
18 km
11 miles
20 km
12 miles
22 km
14 miles
25 km
16 miles
32 km
20 miles
35 km
22 miles
45 km
28 miles

Chairmans Bucket List

Chairman's Bucket List

The Chairmans Bucket List showcases the very best experiences in every area that we host guests across the Cape. Each year Village n Life Chairman, Maree Brink, individually hand picks these bucket list items based on his own unique experiences and encourages all guests to enjoy them as much as he has.

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